This week SyncFusion announced their new Big Data platform – basically it is Hadoop in an easy to install, configure and monitor format. Sounds great, right? So let’s give it a go, installing a 3-node cluster on Azure. Step 1: Create the Virtual Machines I created 3 Azure VM’s using these basic settings: dlhadoop1 (, […]

I updated the .NET client for Firebase to fix a bug related to async calls and synchronization contexts. The specific case was that a user was writing an application that connected to the Nest API (which uses Firebase) and the call to GetStreaming was never firing events. While I don’t know for sure, I suspect […]

Version of the Firebase .NET client library FirebaseSharp has been released and includes a significant improvement – actual events when monitoring a location. Firebase events now fire when an item is added, removed or updated and the update is received from the streaming get operation. Firebase Events in Action Firebase fb = new Firebase("https://[YOUR […]

Update: How events work has changed and the drawing app is now available as a sample on GitHub. Find out more here: http://www.roberthorvick.com/2014/03/28/firebase-events-in-the-net-client/ Firebase is one of the new-fangled application platforms. In other words, it is a REST interface over CRUD storage of JSON objects. What is lacking, however, is a Firebase .NET API – […]

The Case for PowerShell

The Case for PowerShell is a new Pluralsight course by Mark Minasi where he, not surprisingly, makes a case for PowerShell. The very first thing I noticed about this course was that it is using a very different structure than most Pluralsight courses. Mark is presenting this live to an audience in what I assume […]

Twilio Web API

Every time I start creating a Twilio Web API application I always get a little frustrated. It’s not that using their API is hard – it certainly isn’t. Rather, their API does not play well with ASP.NET Web API. Basically there are two problems: TwilioController does not inherit form ApiController ValidateRequestAttribute is not compatible with […]

Force.com for .NET Developers is a Pluralsight course by Dan Appleman. I had the privilege of meeting Dan recently and over a quick chat (which I’m sure was more memorable for me), he briefly told me about his Force.com courses on Pluralsight. The “Force.com for .NET Developers” course really struck a chord with me. I’m […]