I know there are many variations in the Abbey Road LP – I’m trying to track down which I have.

What I know:

  • It’s a Apple SO-383 release
  • You can see sewer in the walkway
  • Her Majesty is not listed on the cover or album
  • The album label is thick lettering – I haven’t seen this much
  • The Apple logo is aligned properly
  • Matrix numbers are
    • s0-1-383-b19 #4 (maybe #1??)
    • sw2 383 a20 #1

Can anyone suggest where I can find more information about what variation I have and what it’s general value is (I’m not trying to sell it but I’m trying to get an inventory of what I have).

DSC05149 (600x450)

DSC05151 (600x450)

DSC05152 (600x450)

DSC05153 (600x450)