The Stand

The Neo was occupying too much space on the desk but I had the perfect corner I could stick it into. The only problem was that it needed to be less than 6 inches off the floor so it could tuck under some other things. This ruled out most printer stands and tables that are commonly used (like the Ikea LACK).

So instead, I bought a two-pack of the EVOOMI Back Saver Monitor Stands. These are all-metal monitor stands that are rated for 20kg each and have three adjustable heights: 3.9”, 4.7”, 5.5”. I left it at the base - 3.9”.

The Problem

The main problem was that having them just sitting side-by-side meant that over time they might drift apart and cause a problem. I wanted a simple way to connect them. The simpliest way would have been zip ties. But that would not have bvbeen fun.

Instead I threw together a quick model that press fits into the hex holes spanning the gap between the two units. This locked them tightly together (to the point you can lift one and they both lift staying parallel to each other) and the printer fits over them.

It now all stands at the right height on a stable platform.