Update: I learned how to do what I wanted but the answer sucks. Thankfully in version 8 the story is much better. So for version 7 I used a duplicated data source with distinct global filters.

While learning more about Tableau I have been putting together some visualizations that make use of actions and filters. Basic stuff, I know.

To that end I used a UNHCR dataset from the UNdata site. This data set shows the number of refugees by country or origin and asylum.

My biggest surprise so far? 8 Americans are refugees in Australia (which answers what I’ll be googling about tonight).

Here is the current visualization. At the moment I’m only half-happy with it. Right now I can answer the question “Where do the refugees in XXX come from?” but I also want to also be able to answer “Where do the refugees from XXX go to?” without creating a second dashboard or chart on the dashboard. (I’m open to suggestions).

So here it is (updated)

Data source: data.un.org

Feedback greatly appreciated.